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and healthy!

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100% NATURAl

We produce natural, healthy, practical and sustainable cosmetics. Our products are vegan, cruelty free and free of toxins that permeate conventional cosmetics. We use the principles of skin food and aromatherapy, caring for your day, body and mind. Buy from those who do!
practical, natural and healthy!


"U BALM is the most practical product I've ever used, perfect because it's a thousand in one, it goes from the driest skin on my elbows to my lips and hands. I love the light minty smell that makes me want to eat, perfect to have one in every handbag!"
print designer

"My favourite so far is Tattoo Butter. I used it in the healing process of my last tattoo and it was amazing, it didn't peel off and the healing was quick and perfect. I recommend it for anyone who is looking to get scratched!"
social impact project manager

"With BAZQ's U Balm my lips have become hydrated, minty and geranium-toned :) I use and recommend!"
fundador do coletivo 47

"The quality and durability are the distinguishing features of BAZQ's products that captivated me the most. The lip balm has a delicious mint essence and is very moisturizing, makes you want to use it all day."

"These little tins are a warmth in the heart. The DEO works super well, even on the hottest days and the U BALM is a daily companion for my hands, mouth, elbows... whole body!"

"I suffer a lot with dry mouth. I started leaving my U BALM next to me on my office desk all the time and I love it! Constant use has left my skin much softer over time, plus the scent is super light."



melaleuca & lavanda

Um desodorante natural e potente. Com óleos essenciais de melaleuca (tea tree) e lavanda, excelentes antibacterianos que neutralizam odores com suavidade. Tem grande poder de hidratação e rejuvenescimento da pele devido à alta concentração de manteiga de manga, óleo de coco e vitamina E. See the ingredients


Um desodorante natural e potente. Com óleos essenciais de melaleuca (tea tree) e lavanda, excelentes antibacterianos que neutralizam odores com suavidade. Tem grande poder de hidratação e rejuvenescimento da pele devido à alta concentração de manteiga de manga, óleo de coco e vitamina E. Veja os ingredientes


menta & gerânio

A Universal Balm. With candelilla wax, coconut oil and grape seed oil it is extremely nourishing and moisturising. Besides having Vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant that helps rejuvenate the skin, acting as an anti-aging agent. It brings the freshness of the essential oils of mint and geranium, is relaxing and antibacterial. U BALM can be used on lips, nails, hands and elbows. See the ingredients


Um Balm Universal. Com cera de candelila, óleo de coco e óleo de semente de uva é extremamente nutritivo e umectante. Além de ter Vitamina E, um poderoso anti-oxidante que ajuda no rejuvenescimento da pele, atuando como um agente anti-envelhecimento. Traz o frescor dos óleos essenciaais de menta e de gerânio, é relaxante e antibacteriano. U BALM pode ser usado nos lábios, unhas, mãos e cotovelos. Veja os ingredientes


melaleuca & mint

Wax is our nourishing and refreshing wax for super dry areas! It uses the skin healing power of melaleuca, antibacterial and analgesic, the super hydration of almond oil and carnauba wax combined with the refreshing mint. Recommended for moisturising heels and cuticles, strengthening nails and neutralising foot odours. It's something to fall in love with! See the ingredients


A Wax é a nossa cera nutritiva e refrescante para áreas super secas! Usa o poder de cura cutânea da melaleuca, antibacteriana e analgésica, a super hidratação do óleo de amêndoas e da cera de carnaúba aliados à refrescância da menta. Indicada para hidratar calcanhar e cutículas, fortalecer unhas e neutralizar os odores dos pés. É para se apaixonar! Veja os ingredientes

tattoo butter

coconut & melaleuca oil

Made especially to treat skin after tattooing, it is a soft butter to pass with great analgesic, antibacterial, soothing and healing power. Coconut oil, Lavender and Melaleuca essential oils and vitamin E moisturise, nourish and protect the skin against ageing and wrinkles! See the ingredients


Feita especialmente para tratar a pele pós tatuagem, é uma manteiga suave de passar e com grande poder analgésico, antibacteriano, calmante e cicatrizante. O óleo de coco, os óleos essenciais de Lavanda e Melaleuca e a vitamina E hidratam, nutrem e protegem a pele contra o envelhecimento e enrugamentos. Sua tattoo linda e reluzente! Veja os ingredientes


canela & junípero

A room diffuser that welcomes but also cheers you up for the good in life. A powerful blend of Juniper, invigorating, bringing joy, and Cinnamon. A delight for any environment. See the ingredients


Um difusor de ambientes que acolhe mas também te dá ânimo para o bom da vida. Um poderoso blend de junípero, revigorante, traz alegria e canela, aconchegante como ela só. Uma delícia para qualquer ambiente. Veja os ingredientes

raul gonzales

founder and director of BAZQ (from the French Basique = basic)

Raul is from Pernambuco, designer and journalist by training, having worked in large companies in the areas of communication and creation.

In São Paulo since 2014, he came into contact with the market of handmade and natural cosmetics specializing in aromatherapy and natural cosmetology. In 2019 he attended the renowned Programa Cosmetologia do Bem, which follows the principle of skin food.

BAZQ (Basique) is a brand that came from the desire to undertake with purpose. It proposes to be 100% natural, practical, sustainable and cruelty free. Its formulations use as few ingredients as possible, making the most of the best of each, for the benefit of people and the resources of our planet.

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